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Network Management and Design


Diagramming Needs: The D3M team needed a library that would allow users to quickly draw network diagrams, create notes to represent hardware on a network, and link to those nodes. The end solution had to enable the diagramming and icon creation portion of their app.

Solution: "GoJS eliminated the need for a huge amount of R&D that we would have needed to do to get a working diagram for our product. We have likely saved 10-100 hours every month over the past four years we have been using GoJS."

Compared to other products we tried, GoJS was much more capable, had much better documentation, and had a much more responsive support team.

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Data Center Management


Diagramming Needs: Device42 had been using another software product, but found shortcomings with diagram scalability performance that could not always sufficiently meet their high standards. They needed a solution that could generate diagrams at a reasonable speed, especially at scale, with the ability to be manipulated in real-time.

Solution: After taking advantage of the GoJS unlimited evaluation period, they found that "GoJS is a simple and straightforward product; no real hurdles, and it essentially worked as a drop-in."

The biggest reason the Device42 team would recommend GoJS to another organization? "We haven't found its limits yet."

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Viridis Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions

Viridis Energy Solutions

Diagramming Needs: Viridis is a complete energy management solution developed exclusively for companies that are heavy energy consumers, including sophisticated engineering and artifical intelligence tools to facilitate control over processes in real time.

Solution: "The alternative to GoJS was to develop our own dynamic diagram component, which would make achieving our go-to-market targets much more challenging. GoJS was our first choice."

Integrating GoJS to our product was relatively straightforward, especially comparing to our experience integrating other graphical components to web applications. GoJS API and available documentation helped us to integrate it in a relatively straightforward manner. Improvements in performance have provided additional value to user experience.

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Iotic Labs

Enterprise Technology Services

Iotic Labs

Diagramming Needs: "The concept of virtualized data exchange networks is very new. This novelty meant that there was no existing virtual language to copy, so we had to make our own."

Solution: We looked at other solutions, but couldn't find anything that would allow us to describe the graphs of interconnected nodes so intuitively.

In an infrastructure built of many complementary open-source components, GoJS is the only thing for which we pay money. Their customer support, responsiveness, and helpfulness are well worth it.

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Nets Norway

Financial Services Firm

Diagramming Needs: The Nets team had to quickly switch software solutions due to accessibility issues, and came across GoJS in their search for a replacement: "It seemed like the perfect solution, and experimenting with the evaluation proved it really was."

Solution: "Using the numerous examples as templates, We were able to build functioning objects within hours. The features may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but as soon as you've started using them, you will appreciate the flexibility it gives. We find more and more uses while experimenting with the software."

GoJS offers flexible, effective documentation, advanced but quite intuitive features, is self contained, and helps and supports rapid development. GoJS makes it easy to present scattered information in a user-friendly way. Its flexibility facilitates countless possibilities.

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The E-Innovation Platform

Diagramming Needs: "We needed a rich library of interactive visualization tools for our service. We evaluated GoJS and found that we could utilize interesting diagrams that, after modification, would exactly meet our need. We selected GoJS for the diversity of its diagrams and the ease of customization to our requirements."

Solution: ideXlab relies on a search engine and solid workflow processes for their service, and many features of GoJS are particularly useful in building their application: "interactivity, alterability, and its compatibility with responsive web design."

From a technical viewpoint, we liked its performance, interactivity, customizability, lightness, responsiveness, and the fact that it works seamlessly with web browsers. We also appreciated the very good documentation.

GoJS optimized my efforts to quickly launch a BPMN product with high quality and modern diagrams fitting all requirements I needed and saving a lot of time. First, the website has a wide range sample library where I was able to find out how to implement many features that my product needed. Furthermore, the API is easy and it takes away all of the canvas drawing complexities, and the documentation is complete and organized.

In about 8 months, we reached 12,000 users with a lot of positive feedback. Everyone loves the result. Additionally, the GoJS Support team is very efficient, extremely fast and qualified.

Ricardo Guimaraes, Venki HEFLO


I have been super impressed with the excellent support team, who are very quick to respond and are always willing to help. Great company, excellent support, superb product. Would highly recommend.

Phil Bell, KCOM


We have been making use of the Northwoods GoDiagram software for the last 12 years to develop our MetaBuilder Enterprise Architecture Management tool. Compared to our previous development efforts, the GoDiagram software expedited the development efforts significantly given its rich library of re-usable objects. As a result, the opportunities that we have for enhancing the modelling features and algorithms embedded in our MetaBuilder software are endless.

Patric Edwards, Discon


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