GoXam for WPF

Feature-rich diagram controls for Microsoft WPF

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Comprehensive Diagramming

GoXam is built to save your project weeks of development by taking care of common Diagramming needs. Features include built-in node-and-link relationships, data-binding, subgraphs and groups, collapsible and expandable trees, overviews, layouts, and layering.

Features Overview

Automatic Layouts

GoXam comes with predefined layouts for automatic node and link positioning. GoXam features layouts for many types of diagrams, including circular layout, tree and force-directed layouts, and layered directed graphs, among others.

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Explore the possibilities of GoXam with 47 sample applications. We have created many common diagram types to serve as starting points for your application.

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GoXam Guide

Read our PDF guide on GoXam, a comprehensive, 100 page document full of code examples, images of what's possible in GoXam, and more.

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Data Binding & Templates

Data templates for both links and nodes are included with the GoXam library, along with the ability to annotate links, which can enhance clarity on complicated diagrams. GoXam offers support for arbitrary input and output ports on nodes.

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Documentation You Can Trust

Clear and complete documentation will guide you through GoXam development. A comprehensive API is included with our kits.

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Diagramming in WPF

GoXam provides controls for implementing diagrams in WPF applications. GoXam was built from scratch, so it takes full advantage of all the features of WPF. GoWPF is the implementation of GoXam for WPF .NET Framework 4.0 or later, and now for .NET Core 3.0 or later.

Unmatched Customer Service

In addition to providing samples and a comprehensive GoXam PDF guide, we also provide documentation and videos and developer-to-developer support from the engineers who built the GoXam library. We offer a free evaluation of the full library with no time limit, although unlicensed libraries come with a watermark.

GoXam has no runtime royalties. Source code is available. Technical support and library updates for 1 year are included in most purchases.

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