Build Interactive Diagrams

From startups to the Fortune 500, businesses of all sizes use Northwoods frameworks to build powerful visualizations for their projects.

Introducing GoDiagram 10 – A new .NET diagramming library based on GoJS, currently targeting WinForms. See for more information.

Visualize Your Systems

Northwoods diagramming frameworks let developers quickly build displays for complex systems, such as organization charts, industrial monitoring, medical research, company dashboards, and business intelligence.

GoJS and GoDiagram power user-facing tools like flowcharts and floor plans, as well as internal monitoring systems and dashboards. Our diagrams are found in every sector, from farming and heavy industry to banking and aerospace research.

Our Products


.NET Diagrams for WPF and XAML

GoXam features WPF controls for complex diagramming needs.

GoXam enables developers to create interactive diagrams with a combination of C# and XAML quickly and efficiently.


Free Trial With Support to Build Your Proof of Concept

We offer the full version of our frameworks for trial so developers can get started immediately.

We offer free support during the trial period to help you build your proof of concept quickly. Send us mockups and sketches and needs and we will make sure you start on the right track.

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Powering Every Industry

Our frameworks are used by ambitious companies worldwide, powering tools and research in every industry, from small-scale ventures to over a quarter of the Fortune 100.

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Decades of Development with Trusted Support

For over 20 years Northwoods has equipped developers to create a diverse set of diagrams quickly and easily. Our expertise lends to careful library design that will save your projects valuable development time.

We know that good software is built on communication and support. At Northwoods we pride ourselves on developer-to-developer support, and we offer free support during trials to get your project started right away.

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