GoXam Samples

Download the GoXam samples

The sample applications compile and run in both .NET Framework and .NET Core.

Below are some screenshots from many of our GoXam samples.

The GoXam kit includes the full C# and XAML source to 47 sample applications. Many of these samples show how to build classic diagram types like Entity Relationship diagrams, State Charts, OrgCharts, class hierarchy trees and planograms. Many others show off specific features like layout and using XAML to define nodes.

You can use these samples as the starting point for your application.

Class Hierarchy sample
Class Hierarchy Tree Diagram
Entity Relationship Diagram sample
Entity Relationship Diagram sample
VisualTree sample
Visual Tree diagram
FlowChart sample
FlowChart sample
Flowgram sample
UpdateDemo sample
UpdateDemo sample
UpdateDemo sample
TableDiagram sample
Table Diagram
StateChart sample
StateChart diagram
Sequential Function Diagram sample
Sequential Function
Planogram sample
Planogram diagram
Piping sample
Piping diagram
PipeTree sample
PipeTree diagram
Navigator sample
Navigator diagram
MindMap sample
MindMap diagram
LogicCircuit sample
Logic Circuit diagram
LocalView sample
LocalView diagram
DecisionTree sample
Decision Tree diagram
DoubleTree sample
DoubleTree diagram
Visio Like DraggableLink sample
Visio Like DraggableLink
OrgChart sample
OrgChart diagram
FamilyTree sample
Family Tree diagram
Local Expand Subgraphs sample
Local Expand Subgraphs
LinkDemo sample
LinkDemo diagram
IncrementalTree sample
IncrementalTree diagram
Grouping / subgraph sample
Grouping diagram
GanttChart sample
GanttChart diagram
Friend Wheel / Social Diagram sample
Social Diagram
DynamicPorts sample
DynamicPorts sample
ArrowHeads sample
ArrowHeads diagram
Node Figures sample
Node Figures - predefined shapes