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Northwoods.Go Namespace / GoDrawingAction Enumeration
In This Topic
    GoDrawingAction Enumeration
    In This Topic
    These values describe the kind of action used to start or extend figures in a GoDrawing.
    public enum GoDrawingAction : System.Enum 
    BeginCurveToThe first control point of a Bezier curve; equal to (CurveTo | GoDrawing.BeginCurveFlag).
    ClosedCurve A curve with the ClosedFlag set.
    ClosedFlag An interal flag used to mark the final vertex in a figure as closed.
    ClosedLine A line with the ClosedFlag set.
    CurveTo Draw a Bezier curve using these control points and destination point.
    LineTo Draw a straight line from the last point to this point.
    MaskMask an GoDrawing.GetAction value with this mask to get the StartAt, LineTo, or CurveTo value.
    StartAt Start a new figure at a point.
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