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Northwoods.Go Namespace / GoBalloon Class
In This Topic
    GoBalloon Class
    In This Topic
    A GoBalloon is a kind of GoComment that is associated with another object.

    The GoComment.Background object is implemented as a GoPolygon. It is shaped to "point" at the Anchor object. The actual PointF point is calculated by ComputeAnchorPoint. When there is no Anchor, it uses UnanchoredOffset to determine a point near the GoComment.Label.

    When Reanchorable is true, an additional selection handle is placed at the "point", to allow users to interactively choose another object. You can override PickNewAnchor to determine which objects may be chosen as new anchors for this balloon comment. By default it allows any selectable document object, but you could just have it return objects of a certain type, depending on the state of your application.

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