GoDigram for .NET Framework and .NET Core
Northwoods.Go Namespace / GoComment Class
In This Topic
    GoComment Class
    In This Topic
    A simple group displaying text with a shadowed background.

    The Background is normally a GoRectangle, but could be any kind of GoObject. Hence you can easily customize that rectangle's appearance by setting properties on the Shape, such as:

                  comment.Shape.BrushColor = Color.LightSkyBlue
                  comment.Shape.PenColor = Color.DeepSkyBlue
    Or you could replace the Background with a different GoShape.

    LayoutChildren sizes the Background to fit around the Label, using the TopLeftMargin and the BottomRightMargin to leave space between the Label and the bounds of the Background shape. If you use other shapes, you may need to increase these margins.

    Because this class has a Label, it implements the IGoLabeledNode interface, even though this class is not a "node". It also implements IGoIdentifiablePart, to make it easier to keep track of the different comments that might be in your diagram, if you have set GoDocument.MaintainsPartID to true in your GoDocument.

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