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Northwoods.Go Namespace / GoSelectionEventArgs Class
In This Topic
    GoSelectionEventArgs Class
    In This Topic
    Holds information for the GoView events that involve a GoObject but are not associated with any input event.
    public class GoSelectionEventArgs : System.EventArgs 

    Although both this kind of event and GoObjectEventArgs are associated with a particular GoObject, this class is used when no particular mouse input event information is relevant. Such events include: GoView.LinkCreated, GoView.LinkRelinked, GoView.ObjectGotSelection, GoView.ObjectLostSelection, GoView.ObjectResized, GoView.ObjectEdited (in WinForms). With these events there is only a single object involved. The name of this class, GoSelectionEventArgs may be somewhat misleading, since not all events involve the view's GoSelection. In the list above, most do, but LinkCreated and ObjectEdited might not involve selection.

    Additional GoView events are not even associated with one particular object--they use the System.EventArgs class instead of this class. Such events include: GoView.ClipboardCopied, GoView.ClipboardPasted, GoView.SelectionCopied, GoView.SelectionDeleting, GoView.SelectionDeleted, and GoView.SelectionMoved. These events implicitly use the GoView.Selection to identify the set of affected objects.

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