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Northwoods.Go Namespace / GoInputEventArgs Class
In This Topic
    GoInputEventArgs Class
    In This Topic
    Holds information for unified input events for views, for both keyboard input and mouse input, including mouse button and mouse wheel and drag-and-drop mouse actions, where no GoObject is involved.
    public class GoInputEventArgs : System.EventArgs 

    For input events that occur in the "background", there is of course no particular GoObject. Such events include: GoView.BackgroundDoubleClicked, GoView.BackgroundSingleClicked, GoView.BackgroundContextClicked, GoView.ExternalObjectsDropped (in WinForms), and GoView.BackgroundHover (in WinForms).

    For input events that do involve an object, event handlers use the GoObjectEventArgs class. When no particular input information is associated with an event, GoSelectionEventArgs is used when there is a particular object, and System.EventArgs is used otherwise.

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