Northwoods Consulting and Training

Our team at Northwoods may be able to assist in the development of your project. Northwoods offers training, help with proofs of concept, and some consulting within the diagram-specific scope of projects. Our proof-of-concepts include sample building and feature demonstrations.

Contact us for details.

Consulting for Large Projects: Synergy Codes

Synergy Codes has over a decade of GoJS experience and cooperation with Northwoods Software. They have leveraged GoJS in data visualization and process modeling projects for customers worldwide, and have built projects for clients in several industries including banking, energy, and automotive.

Synergy has a fully staffed team with UX and UI designers onboard, with extensive experience in GoJS tool and layout customizations, importing data for GoJS use from other sources, and solutions involving real-time data integration and real-time collaboration.

GoJS Projects and designs from Synergy Codes

Northwoods Software does not qualify or certify vendors or consultants.