Careers at Northwoods

At Northwoods, we build the tools to power visualizations worldwide.

Since the company's founding in 1994, Northwoods has grown to become the leading provider of diagramming software.

Our mission is to build tools and platforms that allow companies to solve interactive visualization problems quickly. At the same time, we build our frameworks open-ended enough to ensure that customers across very diverse industries can build everything they might imagine.

What we value

We are engineers who build products and tools for engineers. We take pride in developer-to-developer support, and every Northwoods role engages with real-world customers and their use cases. Because of this, we consider strong communication skills critical.

Northwoods engineers frequently collaborate across teams, so we value strong engineering fundamentals over specific skills. In interviews, we value what you've built over credentials.

The goal is always to allow our customers to build rapidly, which means we must think with care and deliberation. We always start with customer needs. We anticipate not only what our customers want, but what their customers might want to do, now and in the future. At the same time, we need to be careful to ensure speed, size, and backwards compatibility.

Join Us

We are always interested in connecting with people who fit our vision. If you think you might be a fit, send us an email at Documents must be in PDF format in order to be considered.

We also hire interns every summer, including high school students.

Our offices are located in Nashua, New Hampshire, just north of Boston.