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Northwoods.Go Namespace / GoGrid Class
In This Topic
    GoGrid Class
    In This Topic
    An object that draws a set of dots, crosses, or lines in a rectangular pattern, and that can affect how objects are moved, copied, and resized.
    public class GoGrid : GoRectangle, IGoDragSnapper  
    A GoGrid is not a table containing cells of objects. This class just draws lines in a regular manner within the bounds of this object according to a frequency specified by the CellSize. The appearance of the lines is governed by the Style and LineWidth and LineColor. You can also specify a regular pattern of colors by specifying CellColors. Furthermore a grid can have a semi-infinite or infinite extent by setting UnboundedSpots. This class also implements the IGoDragSnapper interface, which affects how various view methods and tools move, copy, and resize objects.
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