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Northwoods.Go Namespace / GoNodeNodeEnumerator Structure
In This Topic
    GoNodeNodeEnumerator Structure
    In This Topic
    Iterate over the nodes (or a subset of the nodes) connected to this node.
    public struct GoNodeNodeEnumerator : System.ValueType 
    Although this structure is public, it is rarely used explicitly. Instead you should use the foreach (or For Each) construct to iterate through the nodes connected to a node. In C#:
                foreach (IGoNode node in aNode.Destinations) {
                  . . .
    In VB.NET:
                Dim node As IGoNode
                For Each node in aNode.Destinations
                  . . .

    Remember that you must not modify the graph structure of ports and links and nodes connected to this node, by adding or removing any ports, links, or nodes, while you are iterating over them. This structure type does not support comparison for equality.

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