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Northwoods.Go Namespace / GoView Class / SelectInRectangle Method
A RectangleF in document coordinates.
In This Topic
    SelectInRectangle Method
    In This Topic
    Add all eligible document objects that are within a given rectangle to this view's selection.
    public virtual void SelectInRectangle( 
       RectangleF rect


    A RectangleF in document coordinates.

    This method only selects document objects. It basically just calls GoLayer.GoLayer.PickObjectsInRectangle for each document layer that this view uses, passing in the value of SelectInRectangleStyle to control how the inclusion decision is made. If CanSelectObjects is false, this will not select anything. This method is called by GoToolRubberBanding's DoRubberBand method.

    This raises the SelectionStarting and SelectionFinished events.

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