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Northwoods.Go Namespace / GoToolManager Class / DoKeyDown Method
In This Topic
    DoKeyDown Method (GoToolManager)
    In This Topic
    Provide default behavior, when not running some other tool.
    public override void DoKeyDown()
    By default this handles:
    • Delete: the Delete key deletes the current selection
    • Select All: Ctrl-A selects all selectable document objects
    • Copy, Cut, Paste: The Ctrl-C, Ctrl-Insert, Ctrl-X, Shift-Delete, Ctrl-V, and Shift-Insert keys do the standard clipboard operations
    • Edit: the F2 key starts in-place editing of the current node's text label
    • PageDown, PageUp: The PageDown and PageUp keys scroll vertically; Shift-PageDown and Shift-PageUp scroll horizontally
    • Home, End: the Home and End keys scroll to the left side and right sides of the document; Ctrl-Home and Ctrl-End scroll to the top-left and bottom-right corners of the document, respectively
    • Undo, Redo: Ctrl-Z and Ctrl-Y (or Ctrl-Shift-Z) perform undo and redo
    • Arrow keys: moves the selection in the given direction, or else scrolls the view that way; the Ctrl modifier causes the movement or scrolling to just be one pixel at a time. This uses the GoView.ArrowMoveLarge and GoView.ArrowMoveSmall properties to control how far the selection is moved.
    • Escape: the Escape key may clear the selection and then cancels the current input operation
    • letters and digits: selects the next node whose text starts with that character
    However, the value of GoView.GoView.DisableKeys can disable each of these behaviors.
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