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Northwoods.Go Namespace / GoToolAction Class
In This Topic
    GoToolAction Class
    In This Topic
    This modeless tool is used to handle objects like buttons or knobs that implement the IGoActionObject interface.
    public class GoToolAction : GoTool, IGoTool  

    An instance of this tool is the first tool in the default GoView's GoView.MouseDownTools list.

    A mouse down activates the IGoActionObject under that mouse point. The object can use the setting of the IGoActionObject.ActionActivated property to true to render differently. For example, a GoButton will appear "pressed".

    A mouse move will invoke IGoActionObject.OnActionAdjusted. The object can use this notificaton to track the user's mouse in adjusting the state of the object. For example, a knob's direction and value can follow the mouse over a range of values.

    A mouse up will invoke IGoActionObject.OnAction. The object can use this notification to perform some action. A button can actually do some work; a knob could actually set the new value in the document.

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