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Northwoods.Go Namespace / GoMultiTextNode Class
In This Topic
    GoMultiTextNode Class
    In This Topic
    The GoMultiTextNode class displays a number of text objects vertically using a GoListGroup, and associates ports on each side of each text object, plus a port at the top and one at the bottom of the node.
    Although this group typically displays strings by holding GoText objects, you can actually insert any GoObject. This object is not meant to be resizable, so GoObject.Resizable is false. If you want to change the width of all of the items in the ListGroup, you can set the ItemWidth property. The initial value of ItemWidth, -1, does not cause any of the items' GoObject.Width to be set -- they will keep their natural width. If you really want the user to be able to change the width of this node interactively, one way to do so is to override GoObject.ComputeResize to reset the ItemWidth to an appropriate value, accounting for any TopLeftMargin and BottomRightMargin and any ports.
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