GoDiagram Winforms Samples

Full source code is included for over 30 sample WinForms and ASP.NET diagram and graph applications in both C# and Visual Basic, including:

  • OrgCharts, Workflow, Planogram, Flowchart, etc
  • Diagram types like Fishbone, Sequence Diagram, State Chart, Petri Nets, Sequential Function Chart and more
  • How to extend Node and Link classes to build your own
  • Advanced techniques like customizing Mouse Interactions, Automatic Layout and drawing with gradients

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Samples in C# and Visual Basic are included, with full source, in the evaluation kit.

Screenshots from our Sample Programs:

FishBone sample
An Ishikawa diagram
DoubleTree sample
Drag and drop workflow sample program.
DataSetDemo sample
Pipes sample
Pipes sample shows connecting objects without links.
planogram tool sample
Planogram tool - drag and drop pegboard and shelf visual layout.
Sequence Diagram sample
A UML sequence diagram, also known as event diagrams, event scenarios, and timing diagrams.
State Chart Diagram sample
State Chart Diagram
DoubleTree sample
Grid App
IconicApp sample
multi text node and richtext sample
Multiple line text node and Rich text in our diagram component.
network diagram sample
NodeLinkDemo sample shows a network diagram sample.
Petri Net diagram sample
The NodeLinkDemo sample has a Petri Net diagram.
Processor sample
Processor sample with offpage connectors.
ProtoApp sample
ProtoApp simple dataflow / workflow
nodelinkdemo gonode sample
Flexibility of extending node classes.
swimlanes diagram sample
NodeLinkDemo - Swimlanes diagram
DoubleTree sample
DoubleTree Layout
basicapp sample
BasicApp shows how much you can do with GoDiagram with very little code.
FamilyTree sample
FamilyTree sample
extensible node design sample
NodeLinkDemo - custom nodes
Tree Diagram sample
Tree eith collapsible nodes.
Webwalker spider diagram sample
Webwalker spider diagram.
WPFinGoView sample
WPFinGoView; See also: GoXam.
WPFusingGoView sample
Highslide JS
Orgchart sample
Sequential Function Chart
Sequential Function Chart sample.
Shared States Diagram sample
Shared States Diagram
BeatPaths sample
DrawDemo sample
DrawDemo with FishEye Zoom tool.
DrawDemo sample
object browser diagram sample
Object browser diagram
graphs with subgraphs sample
Graphs with subgraphs
Highslide JS
Class heirarchy of the GoDiagram control class library.
Instruments Complex Meters sample
Instruments Complex Meters (included in Pro package)
Instruments Elliptical Meters sample
Instruments Elliptical Meters (included in Pro package)
Instruments Factory SCADA sample
Instruments Factory (included in Pro package). SCADA control room diagrams.
Instruments Linear Meters sample
Instruments Linear Meters (included in Pro package)
Instruments Scales sample
Instruments Scales (included in Pro package)