GoDiagram Features - Links

Links connect two Ports, and are used for building diagrams with GoDiagram. There are default path algorithms with GoDiagram, or you can override the method to choose the path in your application. The AutoLayout add-on to GoDiagram will do more sophisticated routing.

Ports define the endpoints of links in nodes. They can have any drawable appearance, or they can be zero sized points. If the position of one or both of its GoPorts changes, the GoLink redraws itself to connect the new positions.

Users can draw new links and relink existing links, with links "snapping" only to valid ports. Your application can customize the validity checking performed during a linking operation.

Links can also have labels and arrowheads.

Link with Label

Link with label

Graph Node

Graph Node

Bezier Links

Bezier Links

Double Link

Double Link


Arrow heads

SanKey Diagram

Node with Icon

Iconic node

Arrow Link

Link with selection handles

Diagrams above show Line, Bezier and Orthogonal properties. The behavior of the selection handles can also be modified with built in properties.

Avoid Nodes link routing

Automatic routing of orthogonal links: GoLink.AvoidsNodes property

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