GoDiagram Features - Graphics

GoObject defines the basics of a graphical object: a bounding rectangle (the Bounds property) and some common attribute properties: Visible, Selectable, Movable, Copyable, Resizable, Reshapable, Deletable, Editable, AutoRescales, ResizesRealtime, and Shadowed. GoObject uses the full power of the .NET System.Drawing namespace for drawing.

There are three kinds of drawing primitive GoObjects:

  1. Shapes, such as rectangles, ellipses, figures, and strokes. Each GoShape instance can have a Pen for drawing the outline of the shape and a Brush for painting the inside of the shape. In addition, Gradient fills are supported.
  2. Text, in various fonts, sizes and colors.
  3. Images, for various kinds of images such as BMP, ICO, JPG, GIF and PNG. GoImage objects can get their image information from files, resource managers, or image lists.

Support for moving, copying, deleting, resizing, and reshaping objects is built in to GoDiagram. Go also supports high-level events, such as SelectionDeleting, SelectionDeleted, ObjectContextClicked, ObjectHover, and ObjectEdited.

Gradient fills are easily incorporated into Node designs, as the Class Node and tree show.

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shapes with shadows


text with shadow


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