GoDiagram Customer Applications

Below are screenshots from customer applications using GoDiagram.

What some of our customers have to say

GoDiagram cut my development time in half. The documentation was excellent and the product easy to use

Premnath Gopinath
Development Manager

GoDiagram helps us to support the visualization and design of data flow within of our application. But it doesn't stop there. The very well designed and feature rich class library enables us to visualize the data flow in real-time and thus provides our customers with an interactive experience. We have found GoDiagram to be a very stable and robust add-on.

Having worked with the library and the Northwoods team for years now, we know we have made the right decision. There is no better choice if you are serious about displaying complex contexts in an intuitive way.

While designing Sentinel TMS, our threat network analysis software system, we realized that we needed a high-performance graph drawing component. After reviewing several available solutions, we settled on GoDiagram. Its combination of performance and flexibility allows us to deliver cutting edge visualization software to our customers in both Windows and web-based platforms. Highly recommended.

Dan Haught
Executive VP

We selected GoDiagram by Northwoods because of the tight API and clean user interface elements that it offered. The productivity offered by GoDiagram has allowed us to build the graphical elements of our workflow/decision engine software quickly and focus on other areas of the application. We are most pleased with this software library.

Carl Hewitt
Transparent Logic (acquired by Symantec)

We chose GoDiagram because it offered features and performance that was well ahead of its competitors. Basically, it was a product that responded to the needs of our designers.


We chose Northwoods GoDiagram because it is the diagram framework which perfectly fit our needs of flexibility and high performance. Every feature that we wanted to implement we could either configure by setting properties or by deriving our own classes from GoDiagram classes.

In addition to this flexibility and clear and orthogonal class design, GoDiagram is the framework with the highest performance.

And last but not least everytime we needed support Northwoods support team does a great job with very fast and helpful responses.

Jörn Zietz
ifu eSankey

C&R Technologies Sinaps allows the user to work with a SINDA/FLUINT model visually, reducing the learning curve and speeding the model building process. GoDiagram has provided a comprehensive way for us to provide this capability. GoDiagram allows the user to quickly create and see his network. GoDiagram also allows us to display analysis results in a meaningful way and create specialized nodes to help display results.

Steve Ring
C&R Technologies